Corgi Summer 2009 Specialty


-Helsinki - Finland -











Best In Show

All pictures © Ulla Rohola


Judges from left: David Guempel, Larry Adams, Marieann Gladstone, Steven Gladstone

BIS 1, pembroke: Annline's Vision Of Design

BIS 2, cardigan: Geestland's Fave Rave


Judge: Marieann Gladstone

BIS-1 puppy, pembroke: Astersland Whatever You What

BIS-2 puppy, cardigan: Blacksoleran Bridwell


Judge: David Guempel

BIS-1 junior, pembroke: Haywire's Walk By Side

BIS-2 junior, cardigan: Cheysuli's Tri To Remember


Judge: Larry Adams

BIS-1 breeder, pembroke: Kennel Annline's

BIS-2 breeder, cardigan: Kennel Geestland's




Judge Marieann Gladstone

BIS-1 progeny group, pembroke: Dwynella Kiwi Love for Annline


BIS-2 progeny group, cardigan: Welshtian Aconitum




Judge:  Steven Gladstone

BIS-1 veteran, cardigan: Geestland's Fave Rave

BIS-2 veteran, pembroke: Dygae Wild Night