Corgi specialty 2017

corgit_kymijoella_2017Corgi specialty 2017

Welcome to Finnish Welsh Corgi Clubs Specialty Show!

Show is held on 18th of June, 2017 in Kouvola. Show venue will be Nuorisokeskus Anjala, Ankkapurhantie 15, 46910 Anjala

Also puppies (5-7months and 7-9months), progeny class and Junior Handler.



BIS1 Caamora Shamquin I Have A Dream For Annline (pembroke)
BIS2 Big-Wood’s Ken On Kultaa (cardigan)

BIS1-puppy Dantalian’s Winter Dragon (cardigan)
BIS2-puppy Annline’s Im Dressed In My Own Design (pembroke)

BIS1-vet Annline’s My Ways Chance (pembroke)
BIS2-vet Geestland’s Winner Whoop (cardigan)

BIS1-junior Big-Wood’s Hoity Toity (cardigan)
BIS2-junior Lappunaaman Tulevan Suven Morsian (pembroke)

BIS1-breeder kennel Haywire’s (pembroke)
BIS2-breeder kennel Beryllos (cardigan)

BIS1-progeny Enid Emotion Kinberger’s (pembroke, narttu)
BIS2-progeny Kilvroch Pontus (cardigan, uros)

BIS1 junior handler Laura Rantanen

Best head -reward
1. Haywire’s Turning Heads (pembroke)
2. Trafox Hurricane (cardigan)

Best moves – reward
1. Big-Wood’s Ken On Kultaa (cardigan)
2. Siggen’s Another Chance (pembroke)


Amanda Rees
, UK
Pembroke (exept puppies and veterans), BIS-puppy, BIS-breeder

John Essenhigh, UK
Cardigan (exept puppies and veterans), BIS-junior, BIS-veteran

Alan Rees, UK
Pembroke and cardigan: puppies (5- under 7 months and 7- under 9 months) , veterans, breeder- and progeny classes, BIS, BIS-progeny.

Saija Jaatinen, Finland
Junior Handler
Unofficial classes: brace and ’Symppis’ (for dogs who can’t participate in official classes)